Personal settings

Smart Notification's personal settings contains personal information. This information helps other Smart Notification users contact you.

This table shows information about the personal setting components:

Personal Information

You can provide information about yourself including your full name, job title, department, location, email, phone and fax numbers.

This information is displayed to other users when they look you up. Providing complete and accurate information will help others contact you more easily.

General Information You can control personal work preferences.
Delivery Devices You can set up physical delivery devices such as email accounts; control where logical delivery devices such as your default device point to; and configure message boxes to group notifications together for delivery.
Data Values You can create and share your own data values. This is to provide information to other users or set threshold values that you commonly use in building notifications.

You can add templates to format notifications to suit a specific device, use a preferred format, or create a highly polished output format you want to have for a specific notification. You can specify a template when you create or edit a notification, report, or delivery device.

For more information about templates, see Templates and Templates.

My Interest Areas You can specify your interests so that Smart Notifications can recommend relevant content to you.