Editing a scheduled job

  1. On the list of scheduled jobs, click the Edit link for the job you want to modify.
  2. Specify this information:
    Processing Server
    Optionally, if you are using more than one server to process jobs, you can specify the server the jobs runs on.
    Select Job Frequency
    Select a job frequency. Options are:
    • Hourly: The process will run immediately and then on the hour from then on.
    • Daily: The job will run the next time the hour and minute occur and everyday at that hour and minute.
    • Weekly: The day along with the hour and the minute for the process to run.
    • Monthly: The first day/day of the month options (2 - 30) or last along with the hour, day, and minute.
    Select Job Function
    Select a job function. Options are:
    • Update InfoSet: Refreshes the data from data sources in the InfoSet.
    • Process InfoSet: Processes and delivers all notifications that use the InfoSet.
    • Update/Process InfoSet: Refreshes the data from the data source and processes and delivers all notifications that use the InfoSet.
    • Process Alert: Processes alert associated with the InfoSet.
    Effective Date Period
    Specify a start date if different from the current time. Specify an expiration date if applicable.