Setting up email device drivers

Use this procedure to set up email device driver settings in DeviceTypes.xml. The email device driver is used to send content to any email or LSO inbox based on technology using SMTP.

For more information about writing a valid import device type XML file, Managing device types.

  1. With a text editor, open the <LBI_HOME>\<SmartNotification_HOME>\conf\DeviceTypes.xml file.
  2. Locate the device driver attribute and ensure it is set to "com.lawson.lsn.deliveryengine.drivers.EmailDeviceDriver"
  3. Locate these attributes and edit or add the as necessary:
    Protocol attribute
    Specify the mail server protocol. The protocol is the desired mail protocol for communicating with the mail server. SMTP is the current protocol supported. For example: "smtp".
    Host attribute
    Specify the name of the outgoing mail server.
    From attribute
    Specify the email address to include in the from field of all outgoing messages.
  4. Optionally, to automatically enable email devices, locate the from attribute, and directly after it specify confirmation-mode="auto".

    This is an example of the email device driver settings:

    <device-type name="MS Outlook (html)" 
    formatter="com.lawson.lsn.rendering.HtmlFormatter" protocol="smtp" 
    host="" from="" 
  5. Save and close DeviceTypes.xml.