Editing user values using the report filter or user ID variables

Note: Report filter variables are displayed as options in the Pick Range window during notification creation.

The categorization of the variables must match the categorization of InfoSet columns to display correctly. An administrator sets these variables when the default value is selected using the Personal Data Values tool.

  1. To make sure a Report Filter variable appears as a selection for an InfoSet column, perform the following:
    • Categorize the InfoSet column: An administrator can categorize the column using the InfoSet Wizard. The column only needs to be categorized at the top level.

      For example, if a column contains a number of different products, the category Product should be selected, not a specific product.

    • Categorize the variable: An administrator can categorize a variable that was created using the Personal Data Values tool.

      For example, if a column in an InfoSet column has been categorized as a Product, and the default value of a Report Filter variable is also a product, the variable will automatically appear as a selection for this column in the Pick Range window.

      Note: Selecting the default value for a Report Filter variable will categorize the variable for you automatically.
  2. Select Notifications. If you are modifying an existing notification, click the Edit link corresponding to the notification. The Notification wizard is displayed.
  3. Click Add to add a notification or the Edit link next to a notification to modifying an existing notification.
  4. Go to Select Facts. Search for the information to base your notification on.
  5. Click the range action corresponding to the item. The Select Range of Facts screen is displayed.
  6. Select the measures and items you want, include one or more variables in your selections.
  7. Click Select. The data displayed to you is created using the variables you chose. Your variable values are used to select the data.
  8. On Save of the Notification wizard, select either Everyone or Users and Groups Share With option.
  9. Save the notification. When other users open or subscribe to this notification, the results they see are created using their variable value.