Using the Content Administration Tool

Use this procedure to use the Content Administration Tool.

  1. Click Admin > Content Administration Tool.
  2. Specify this information:
    The name of the item. For items other than devices, click the name to view the item.
    The name of the user that owns the item. Click the name to see their detailed information.
    The type of the item.
    If the item is production content (Y) or not (N).
    The actions that you can perform on an item. The actions available vary for each content type.
    Edit an item.
    View the users who are subscribed to a file.
    Upload a new version of a file.
    Select All
    Checks all of the items listed.
    Select None
    Clear all of the items listed.
    Delete all of the checked items. You will be prompted to make sure that this is want you want to do.
    Assign To
    If you have selected a user to assign content to, you can use this to assign all of the selected items to the chosen user.
    Makes the checked items Production Content, if there are enough spare production notification slots available. If the server has a full use license this option does not apply.