Populating notification GUIDs

Smart Notification automatically appends an Global Unique Identifier (GUID) to each new notification. This GUID provides the notification with a unique identifier that allows you to transfer notifications between environments without breaking any of the links to the notification.

If you import notifications that do not contain GUIDs, Smart Notification enables you to run an update process that assigns GUIDs to the imported notifications.

Use this procedure to check for notifications without GUIDs and run the GUID update process.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Click Install Validator. The Smart Notification Install Validator screen is displayed.
  3. Locate Test 25 - Populate Alert GUIDs. If Smart Notification has located notifications with missing GUIDs, the Click Here link is displayed in Test 25 - Populate Alert GUIDs.
  4. To add GUIDs to the notifications, click the Click Here link.

    Smart Notification adds GUIDs to the notifications and a green bar is displayed with the Test 25 item. Smart Notification also provides a message stating how many GUIDs were successfully updated.