Dial example

Use this example to understand how a dial is displayed.

If you specify the following:

  • The condition is Tell me if salary is outside range Upper threshold: 100000 Lower threshold: 50000
  • Show all rows is selected
  • Higher is better is selected
  • Dial is the selected display option

The system accesses the images/dial directory and finds ryg_dial.gif, loads the image, and draws the needle to point to the 50% mark on the dial.

The ryg prefix indicates that the dial marking go from red on the low end of the scale to yellow between the thresholds to green on the high end of the scale.

For dials and gauges, the possible values for one threshold are:

Value Description
rg higher is better
gr lower is better
n null

For dials and gauges, the possible values for two thresholds are:

Value Description
rgy higher is better
gry lower is better
rgr inside is better
grg outside is better
n null

Buttons display types only show the color for the current state. The prefixes are:

Value Description
r bad
y ok
g good
n null