Button customizations

You can use either the button set included with the system, r_led.gif, y_led.gif, g_led.gif, and n_led.gif, or any other set of images as long as the images are .GIF or .JPEG.

The system includes an example button set with a base name of smile.gif. g_smile.gif is a happy face, y_smile.gif is a neutral face, r_smile.gif is a frowning face, and n_smile.gif is a blank face. You can use this button set to learn about the img parameter.

  1. Go to Smart Notification and create a notification.
  2. On the Notification wizard, select Round Button as the rendering option.
  3. Click the Options link and in the Explorer User Prompt screen, specify img=smile.gif to override the default file base name.
  4. Click OK to close the Explorer User Prompt screen.
  5. Click Preview. The smile.gif is displayed in the notification. The smile.gif that displays depends upon the condition.

    This table shows the parameter that you can use to customize a button, its corresponding description, and the parameter's valid value.

    Parameter Description Valid Values
    img his parameter specifies the base name of the image. Any valid GIF or JPEG image.