Creating an hierarchical analysis InfoSet

When there are employee IDs in the data, this feature allows you to view the hierarchical organization. For example, this could be used to show where in your business employees are under used, overdue for review, or responsible for problematic accounts.

Use this procedure to create a notification that shows data contextually within the organization chart.

  1. Make sure a Default Burst/User Search InfoSet has been defined. For more information, see Setting the default Burst/User search InfoSet.
    Note: The Default Burst/User Search InfoSet must have the Supervisor ID defined in it for hierarchy analysis to work.
  2. Create an InfoSet that contains employee IDs and categorize that column as Contact data - Employees/User ID.

    For more information on creating InfoSets, see Creating or modifying an InfoSet.

  3. Create a notification and select data from any InfoSet that includes employee IDs.

    For more information on creating notifications, see Adding or modifying notifications.

  4. On the Notifications wizard, click the Calculation tab.
  5. Select the table containing the employee IDs and highlight the employee ID column.
  6. Select Hierarchy from the list of calculations.
  7. Check the Display original data box. Click Add.
  8. Go to the Hierarchy calculation to Table with IM icons. Click Save.