System variables

The following table describes the system variables delivered with Reporting Services. You cannot modify or delete these variables.

System variable Description Output example
@CurrentUser Value of the current logged in session user
@FSLocation The URL of the Framework Services machine http://<servername>:<port>/efs/
@Owner Document owner
@Publisher Original Publisher of the document
@SystemAMPM Marker AM
@SystemDate (M/d/yy) Date 1/3/05
@SystemDate (M/d/yyyy) Date 1/3/2005
@SystemDate (M-d-yy) Date 1-3-05
@SystemDate (M-d-yyyy) Date 1-3-2005
@SystemDate (MM/dd/yy) Date 01/03/05
@SystemDate (MM/dd/yyyy) Date 01/03/2005
@SystemDate (MM-dd-yy) Date 01-03-05
@SystemDate (MM-dd-yyyy) Date 01-03-2005
@SystemDate (yyyy-MM-dd) Date 2005-01-03
@SystemDateTime (MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss a) Date and Time 01/03/2005 08:06:03 AM
@SystemDayName (E) The day of the week Mon
@SystemDayName (EEEE) The day of the week Monday
@SystemDayNumber (d) Day 3
@SystemDayNumber (dd) Day 03
@SystemHour 0-23 (H) Hour 8
@SystemHour 0-23 (HH) Hour 08
@SystemHour 1-12 (h) Hour 8
@SystemHour 1-12 (hh) Hour 08
@SystemMinutes (m) Minutes 6
@SystemMinutes (mm) Minutes 06
@SystemMonthName (MMM) Month Month = Jan
@SystemMonthName (MMMM) Month January
@SystemMonthNumber (M) Month 1
@SystemMonthNumber (MM) Month 01
@SystemSeconds (s) Seconds 3
@SystemSeconds (ss) Seconds 03
@SystemTime (hh:mm:ss a) Time 08:06:03 AM
@SystemTimeZone (z) Time zone PST
@SystemTimeZone (Z) Time zone -0800
@SystemTimeZone (zzzz) Time zone Pacific Standard
@SystemYear (yy) Year 05
@System Year (yyyy) Year 2005