Publishing a report

To create a new report, you identify the report content and publish it to the report repository. During publication, and thereafter, you can define the report properties. This procedure describes how to publish the following report types:

  • Reports based on Crystal Reports files (RPT files)
  • Non-RPT reports
  • Lawson back office reports
  • URL based reports

The procedure is essentially the same for all report types. Topics at the end of this procedure describe special requirements for different report types.

Note: Only administrators hold report publishing rights.
  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration. The Reporting Services Administration screen opens.
  2. Click Publish a New Report. The Publish Report screen is displayed.
  3. In Type of Report, select the report type. The report type you select causes different fields to display.
  4. Specify this information:
    File to Publish
    Specify the path and file name or browse to locate the file.
    Specify a user-defined name for the report. This description is displayed in the My Reports module.
    Optionally, specify a description for the report. This description is displayed in the My Reports module.
    Optionally, if necessary, select a different server.
    Job User
    Specify the name of the user who ran the Lawson applications report you are publishing. Optionally, select a product line user name.
    Job Name
    Select the report job associated with the selected user.
    Select the report file name, print file name associated with the selected job.
    Specify the URL to use for generating the report. The URL is saved in the report repository. The report itself remains on the selected server
  5. Click Publish. The file is published to the repository and the report details screen is displayed for this report. The Details screen allows you to further define report properties..
  6. Click Save.
    Note: You can edit the report's properties at any time using Reports Management > Maintain Reports on the Reporting Services Administration screen and selecting the details of the report.