Adding, modifying, and deleting report attributes

Use this procedure to add attributes to a report. You can use attribute values to build useful report lists.

For example, an administrator creates an attribute called Company Name and requires the attribute field be included on the Report Details – New Report screen. When the user publishes a report, the user specifies a company name of ABC. The user then builds a list that includes a filter that require that all records with the Company Name attribute of ABC be included in the list.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports. The Reports screen is displayed.
  2. Click the details link of the report. The Report Details screen is displayed.
  3. Click Report Options > Attributes. The Report Attributes screen is displayed.
    Note: Any attributes that are required for publication are displayed on the report's attribute list. From this screen you can add or delete attributes to or from a report.
  4. To add an attribute to a report:
    1. Click Add. The Report Attribute Maintenance: New screen is displayed.
    2. Select an attribute or to create a new attribute, click Define New.
    3. Select an attribute value.
    4. Select Apply to New Instances, if appropriate.
    5. Click Save or Save and Add to Existing Instances. The attribute is displayed in the reports's attribute list.
  5. To modify an attribute of a report:
    1. Select the name of the attribute that you want to modify. The Report Attribute Maintenance screen is displayed.
    2. Modify the attribute's details.
    3. Click Save or Save and Add to Existing Instances to save changes.
  6. To delete an attribute of a report:
    1. Select the attribute and click Delete.