Creating an attribute

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select List Management > New Attribute. The Attribute screen is displayed.
  3. specify this information:
    Specify a name for the attribute.
    Specify a description for the attribute.
    Select Enabled to have the attribute display when the next list of reports is built. Select Disabled to remove the attribute when the next list is built.
    Apply to all new reports
    Select this option to have the new attribute value active for all reports that are created.
  4. Specify value properties information:
    Read Only
    Select this option to restrict any other user from modifying properties of the attribute.
    Select this option to ensure that each report includes a valid value for this attribute.
    Valid Value
    Specify a value for the attribute, then click Add. This value is displayed as an attribute selection option for a report. For example, if you have a location attribute, you would include values for regions such as Midwest and Northeast, or states such as Vermont and Montana.
    Value List
    To remove a value, select it and click Remove. To make a value the default value, select it and click Make default. To rearrange the order of values in the list, select appropriate values and use the move up and move down buttons.
    Note: The order saved is the order in which the attributes are listed in the value drop list when an attribute is attached to a report or list. The order has no significance in report filtering because an attribute can have only one value.
  5. Click Save.