Parameter pages

A parameter page is the screen that is displayed when a user accesses a Crystal Report or Lawson Applications report and requires a user to specify what data should appear on the report. Reporting Services uses the values that the user provides to build a report with only the data that the users wants to and is allowed to access.

Reporting Services delivers its own parameter page, and this page is the default for any report containing report parameters or user parameters that require user input. However, you can override the default parameter page and use the standard Crystal Reports parameter page. If you are using cascading parameters, you must use the standard Crystal Reports parameters.

Also, you can create and attach custom report pages to reports. A custom report page is a web page that you create using any scripting language, such as ASP or JSP. You must save the custom report page in a web-addressable location before using the Events feature in Reporting Services to link a report to the custom page.