Setting report bursting options

A published report can be distributed with or without filtering.. When applied, data filtering determines the bursting criteria for the report.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports. The Reports screen is displayed.
  2. Click the the details link of the report to burst.
  3. Select Data Filtering > Bursting Options The Bursting Options screen is displayed.
  4. Select a bursting method. Values are:
    This is the default value.
    Data Structure

    Use to filter the report by the rules defined in a specified data structure.

    1. Select a structure.
    2. Specify the Element to Field Mapping associations for each element in the selected structure.
    Report Content
    Select a field that identifies the user.
  5. When you select a bursting method, you can specify when to cache files used in the filtering process. Options for when the caching occurs include at View Time and at Creation Time. Check cache files and select when to cache occurs.
    Note: The format of the cached file is the format specified for report output type.
  6. Click Save. For more information, see Enabling bursting using WF01.