Createinga user security table

  1. Create a table in Microsoft Access that identifies the records a user has access to within a report.

    For example: The table shows access for a user ID and a group.

    ID USER_ID Country Region
    3 lawson USA IA
    17 lawson USA MN
    18 lawson USA IL
    19 lawson USA WI
    9 US Sales West USA CA
    10 US Sales West USA WA
    11 US Sales West USA OR
    Note: In this example, the user ID lawson can view records for one country (USA) and for regions (Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin).
  2. In Microsoft Access, open the database for the Crystal Report you want to modify.
  3. Copy and paste the table you created into the Crystal Report Database.
  4. When prompted, select Structure and Data.
  5. Click OK and close the database.