Portal form (TKN) hyperlink syntax

To transfer to a Lawson Portal form, you will use the Form.jsp? variable to direct the request to the Lawson Application Link (LAL) servlet. The ability to transfer to a form allows users to inquire on data, change data, delete data, or add data to the form.

Consider the following example:

"Form.jsp?_TKN=GL10.1&_HK="+cstr( {Command.COMPANY})

When writing a Portal form (TKN) hyperlink, you need to include the TKN syntax to render the form and transfer the form keys that perform the necessary form function. The previous example performs an Inquire function on the Company Number of a report line in Lawson's General Ledger Company Definition (GL10.1) form.

Consider the following example:


If you are using Lawson's report writer product, you can use the output of an RW100 report as the data source for your report. All reports produced by RW100 require the drill process to use the RW80.1 form as the basis to start a Drill Around. Therefore, you will use the Form.jsp? variable to perform Drill Around functionality from RW100-produced data sources. The previous example initiates the Drill Around by accessing RW80.1 and uses the drill keys of Current Year Debit Amount (CYCAMT).