Adding reports to report lists

Use this procedure to include reports in lists.

To build attribute-based filters for your reports the attributes must be created in Reports Administration > New Attribute, and that attributes and attribute values are applied to reports. You can apply attributes and attribute values to reports when you publish them or from My Reports > report name > Details > Attributes.

Note: The Filters option is only available for custom lists.

To quickly access the Filters screen, click the Filter link that is displayed with the list's title.

  1. Click the list to which you want to add a report. For more information, see Creating and modifying a report list.
  2. Click Edit List. The List Options General Properties screen is displayed.
  3. Click Filters to open the Filters screen.
  4. Specify the filter statement. For example, (Created By = 'tjones') AND (Date Modified = '05/05/04').
    Specify whether the condition is an AND or OR statement.
    Select the report attribute for which you want to specify a value.
    Select an operator for the statement.
    Specify a valid value for the statement. If you selected the List operator and want to specify more than one value in the condition, use the pipe key (|). For example, to include RPT, LXR, and TXT files in the report list, specify RPT|LXR|TXT.
  5. Use the Move Up, Move Down, Remove, Remove All, Add (), and Delete () buttons to help create the filter statement.
  6. Click Save.