Creating an auditing report

You can use Crystal Reports to create an auditing report. Additionally, if your configuration includes Smart Notification, you can use the database fields to create a notification to help you track information.

Whenever a user clicks on a Report Link the following information about that request is tracked in the table RS_AUDIT.

  1. Create a Crystal Report using fields from the RS_AUDIT table in theSmart Notification database.
    The user that made the report request
    The ID of the report that was requested
    If a users requests a specific instance of a report, this will be the ID of that instance. If the Report Master is requested this field will be null.
    If a user requests a specific publication be created with specific rights this will be the publication id of that document. If the user is not accessing a specific publication this field will be null.
    The is the machine IP address the request was initiated from.
    If the user request created the publication document on the fly this field will be 1. If the publication was created by the scheduled process or no publication was accessed this value will be 0.
    If the request was for a Data Refresh this field will be 1. If the request was against the Report data cache this field will be 0.
    This is the date and time the request was initiated.
    This is the date and time the request was rendered to the user.
    If the report is bursted, this field will store the bursting rules applied to this report request.
    If the report has parameters, this field will store the parameter values applied to the report request.
    This field will store the user or group value that allowed the user to see this report. If this field is null then the request was denied access.
  2. Save the report or notification.