Accessing devices

You can build a list that contains only the devices that you want to view or modify. Use this procedure to access devices.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select Server Administration > Email and Printer Settings. The Delivery Administration screen is displayed.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To open a table of your devices, clickDevice Tools > My Devices.
    • To open a table of a specific user's devices, click Device Tools > User Devices and specify the user's name.
    • To open a table of system devices, click Device Tools > System Devices.
    • To open a table of all devices, click Device Tools > All Devices. All user and system devices are displayed in the table.
  4. Use Edit or Delete to edit or delete a listed device. Click New to create a new device. You cannot create a new device when all devices are listed.
  5. Optionally, select a device preferred by the listed user or the system.