My Reports

The My Reports link displays a screen where you access reports, build and manage lists, and add or modify report options, such as adding a schedule or assigning users to the report. All Reporting Services users can be given access to the lists in the My Reports area; however, the tasks that you can perform are based on the type of user you are.


Reporting Services delivers three standard lists, All, History, and Favorite, as well as the functionality that allows you to build, customize, and share lists with other users. You can also publish, print, view, refresh, modify item options, access item history, and delete items from lists. You can also build links from Framework Services dashboards to Reporting Services lists.

Report details

You can use report details to add functionality to the way you view and manage reports. You can change the report’s data source, default login, and password information. You can specify how you want Reporting Services to output the report. For example, you can specify .RPT or .PDF formats. You can attach attributes to a report for creating lists, and you can assign permissions to the report.