Adding a service to Framework Service

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports. The Reports screen is displayed.
  2. Right-mouse click on the report list that you want to add to a dashboard or content module. Click Properties.
  3. Locate the report list's Address (URL) and copy it.
  4. Close the Properties screen. Close the My Reports screen.
  5. In the Tools > Services dashboard click the service group to which you want to add the report list's service.
  6. Click the service group's menu icon.
  7. Click Add Service. The Register Services screen is displayed.
  8. Paste the report list's URL into the Location field. From the URL string, remove the syntax that is displayed after ers/ so that only the following is in the Location field: http://yourserver:yourport/ers/
  9. Click Register.
    Note: The service is a pointer to the Reporting Services server. Note the values that you types into the Provider ID and Provider Type fields because you will need these values when you specify the report list's URL.
  10. Click the tab corresponding to the Framework Services dashboard where you want to include the report list's.
  11. Determine the level at which you want to add the report list. In the Add New Module screen, place your cursor in the URL/JavaScript field and specify FSRemote?fsid= followed by the provider type and provider ID that you specified for the service. For example, FSRemote?fsid=RS:RS-LINKS.
  12. Place your cursor at the end of the service name, paste the report list's URL and remove any pasted syntax before ersLists.jsp. Add scripting to the URL.

    Add any other preferences. For more information about working with Framework Services, see the Framework Services Administration Guide.

  13. Click Save.