Data control scripts

This table shows the specific properties that determine the data that is displayed on the report:

Control properties For use with Values Description Examples
SelFormula RPT <formula> Specify a Crystal Reports selection formula to apply to the report.

The formula will replace the existing formula in the report unless you also select SeMode=A to append the formula.

SelMode RPT


A (append) Appends the formula stated in SelFormula. &Selmode=A
DBUser or LawUserID URL <userID> Specify the User ID to use when connecting to database. &LawUserID=Administrator
DBPassword or LawPassword URL <password> Specify the password to use when connecting to the database. &LawPassword=password
<Parameter Names> RPT <valid value for parameter>

Specify a parameter and value as defined in the report.

If you are specifying a Date value, the long date format must be used including spaces. See example.

To specify multiple values for a parameter, use a separator (|) between each value. See example.


The following is a date format example: &StartDate=November 15, 2003

The following is a multiple value example: &city=London|Paris|Toronto

Note: This option is dependent on multiple parameter support in Crystal Reports.