Importing rights

To expedite building user rights, Reporting Services accepts imported files containing rights information.

The file can originate from:

  • another instance of Reporting Services

  • any third-party applications that can export a valid CSV, XML, or JSON file

  • a manually constructed text file that satisfies CSV, XML, and JSON structure

  • any combination of these sources

In order to successfully import a file into Reporting Services, the elements, structure, and users contained in the definitions must already exist in Reporting Services. Reporting Services cannot create structures, elements, and users from the file, but it does establish the relationships and associations between them.

The import process includes file validation which allows Reporting Services to flag any syntax errors. You can import rights by:

  • File import

  • JNDI mapping: This enables the user to provide a JNDI resource to connect to, and a query to retrieve the rights to import.

Complete these steps to import files.