Adding a drill field to a report based on database query

This procedure explains how to add a drill field to a report. Before you perform this procedure, you should have:

  • Created the report to which you want to add the drill field.
  • Identified the form on which the field you want to drill on appears and the system code it is associated with.
  • Completed the required LAL configuration procedures in Framework Services. See the Framework Services User and Administration Guide.
Note: Before you can perform this procedure, set up a drill field in a report. You need to know how to use Crystal Report's field formatting options and also have some basic knowledge of the Crystal Formula Editor.
  1. In Crystal Reports, open the report for which you want to create a drill field.
  2. In Query Builder, create the drill string.
    1. If Query Builder is not already open, open it and go to the Drill Around tab.
    2. Select the product line or data area, system code, and form ID for the field you want to drill on.
    3. When the API is displayed in the bottom of the Query Builder form, copy it to the clipboard.
    4. Return to Crystal Reports.
  3. Right-click the field to which you want to add drill around functionality and then select Format Field. The Format Editor dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select the Hyperlink tab and then select A web site on the Internet.
  5. Remove the http:// text from the web site field.
  6. Format the drill string.
    1. Click the X+2 button to launch the Format Formula Editor.
    2. Press CTRL + V to paste the drill string into the edit box.
    3. Remove unnecessary elements from the string. For example, ida:, type, and data area.
    4. Add "Drill.jsp to the beginning of the statement.
    5. Optionally, if the string is numeric, use the Crystal Convert To String function (cstr) to transform the string to text.
    6. Make any other changes to the string that your application requires.
    7. When you are finished editing the string, click the X+2 button to check the syntax.
    8. If the syntax is correct, click Save to save the formula. The next time you open the Format Editor, the formula will be displayed on the Hyperlink tab in the web site edit box.
  7. Save the report and republish it if necessary.