URL Reports

You can use this feature to include a URL to another reporting server, web site, report, or non-report file. You can also use this feature to publish a Transaction (AGS), Data (DME), or Drill (IDA) call, which you can include on a reporting list or dashboard.

Publishing the Lawson Applications URL allows you to add the URL to a report list or Framework Services dashboard. This process saves you time since you can simply click the link to refresh the report before viewing it rather than having to access Lawson Applications to run the batch job.

Note: To publish a non-burstable Lawson Applications report, you must publish the report's URL.
  1. Use the Lawson Portal to access the job list.exe which is located on Lawson Applications server. For example, http://yourserver:port/cgi-lawson/yourreport.exe.
    Note: For assistance locating the cgi-lawson directory, see your Lawson IOS or WebServices administrator.
  2. Log on to Lawson Applications and run the report.
  3. When the report has finished running, highlight and copy the URL that is displayed in the browser's Address field.
  4. Access the Tools dashboard in Framework Services.
  5. Click the Administration link. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  6. Click Publish New Report. The Publish Report screen is displayed.
  7. In Type of Report, select URL.
  8. Specify this information:
    Paste the URL that you copied from the Lawson Applications.
    Specify a user-defined name for the URL.
    Optionally, specify a description for the URL. This description will display in the My Reports windows.
  9. Optionally, the Reports Attribute section displays any report attributes that were assigned by the Administrator. In Attribute, specify the value that you want to associate with the report.

    Select the Apply to Instances check box if you want all historical instances of the report to include the attribute and value. If you do not click this check box, the attribute and value are applied to the published report.

  10. Click Publish to publish the URL. The General Properties screen displays.
  11. Click the Attributes link to assign the URL to a report list.
  12. Add the URL to the list containing the report that the URL refreshes.