Adding and maintaining cascading parameters

Use this procedure to create and add cascading parameters to a report. You can also use this procedure to modify a report's existing cascading parameters. In order to use cascading parameters, you must create custom programs or URLs to derive the valid values for each cascading parameter.

For information on using Crystal Reports cascading parameters, see Working with Crystal Reports cascading parameters.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports. The Reports screen is displayed.
  2. Click the details of the report to which you want to add or modify parameters.
  3. To add a new parameter, click the New Parameter link, The Parameter screen is displayed.

    To modify an existing parameter, click the Maintain Parameters link. The Parameters and Selection Formula screen is displayed. Click the link that you want to modify. The Report Details - Parameters screen appears.

  4. Specify this information:
    Value Source Type
    Select Custom Program.
    Type of List for Value Selection
    Specify how you want the value options to be displayed to the user.
    • Select Drop Down List to display all available values in a drop down list. This option is useful for shorter values lists.
    • select Value Picker if the values list contains many values. This option launches a separate window that groups the available values into pages that each contain 20 values. The Value Picker also contains a search functionality that allows the user to easily locate a value.
    Program Type
    Select either URL or Java Class and supply the necessary Java Class or URL information. If you selected Java Class, add any necessary program arguments.
    Value Dependent On
    Select all of the parameters that the user must specify prior to selecting a value for the parameter that you are creating.
  5. Click OK.