Creating and maintaining rights

Use this procedure to create a reporting right and associate a reporting structure with this new reporting right.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select Rights Management > New User/Group Right The New Right screen is displayed.
  3. Specify this information:
    Specify a name for the reporting right.
    Specify a description for the reporting right.
    Defaults to the logged-in user. If necessary, change the owner by clicking User and Role and select another owner.
    Note: The owners and roles listed in the User and Role selector are provided by Lawson Framework Services.
    Start Date
    Specify or select the date the right becomes available to burst against.
    End Date
    Specify or select the date the right becomes unavailable to burst against. The right can could be designated as available but Inactive.
    Select the appropriate status for the structure. To filter or burst with this right, select Active.
    Select users or roles to whom rights are assigned. After you have completed selecting users, roles, and custom groups, click Save.
  4. To save this right and create a new right, click Save and New. Otherwise click Save to display the Import Structure button. After you exit from the new rights screen, all existing rights are listed in the Rights Maintenance screen.
  5. To import a structure to this right, click Import Structure and select a structure. See Creating and maintaining structures.
  6. Click OK. The selected structure is displayed in the Details section, with its associated data elements listed as Group 1.
  7. Specify the right details by setting value associations for each data element.
    Note: You are creating associations between rights, structures and elements, based on the value of the elements. For example, a hypothetical set up might be: if element XYZ equals 10, structure ABC, to which XYZ is attached, is included in the right being established.
    Data element
    A data element of a reporting structure for the reporting right. You cannot modify this field.
    The relationship of the data element to the value. Association options include:
    • equal to
    • not equal to
    • less than
    • less than or equal to
    • greater than
    • greater than or equal to
    • within range
    • contains
    A particular subset of the data element to be used for filtering reporting data.
  8. Click Save to save the right details parameters.
  9. To include another group for the current structure, click New Structure Group and set elements associations for that group.