Importing a reports solution pack

Use this procedure to import a reports solution pack. This procedure addresses all of the import configuration and report set up that you must complete before you can successfully use the reports on the import server.

Before you import the reports solution pack:

  • If you are importing or re-importing a report that already resides on the import server and has the same report name, owner, and attributes, Reporting Services treats the import as a republish and replaces the existing report file, but preserves the existing reports settings (for example, data sources and variables).
  • If you are importing a report and only its name, and not its owner and attributes, matches another report that already exists on the import server, Reporting Services will import the report with the same name, but will not overwrite the existing report on the import server.

Before you perform this procedure, confirm that the reports solution pack .zip file has been downloaded to the import server.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select Solution Packs > Maintain Solution Packs. The Solution Packs List screen is displayed.
  3. Click the link corresponding to the solution pack that you want to apply to the import server. The Solution Pack screen is displayed.
  4. Select Actions > Apply Solution Pack. The Confirm Applying Solution Pack screen is displayed.
  5. In Report Owner, specify the name of the person whom you want to own the imported report or click Search to or search for the name of the person whom you want to own the imported report.
    Note: The Confirm Applying Solution Pack screen also displays the name of the reports and lists that you are importing and any attributes associated with the reports that you are importing. The import process creates the report attributes on the import server.
  6. Click Apply. The Configure Solution Pack Details screen is displayed. Any data sources that need to be set up and variables that need to be specified on the import server appear on this screen.
  7. Select the item that needs to be configured. The Data Source screen or Variable screen is displayed within the Configure Solution Pack Details screen.
  8. After you have configured any required data sources and variables, click OK.