Importing a rights file

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select Rights Management > Import Rights. The Import Rights page is displayed.
  3. In Import Type, select File. This is the default option.
  4. Specify the required import information:
    Select File to Import
    Specify the path to or browse for the CSV, XML, or JSON file.
    Maximum Number of Errors
    Optionally, specify the maximum number of syntax errors to display during the validation of your import file. Setting a lower value is recommended because very often fixing one error resolves many other errors.
  5. Click Validate and Load if your file has been standardized and contains clean data. This option validates the data and then loads the rights files into Reporting Services. If the data fails validation, nothing is imported.
    Note: Reporting Services will not load a file that contains syntax errors. The file must be completely standardized and clean before Reporting Services can import it.
  6. Click Validate Only to confirm that the file contains no errors.
  7. Select Rights Management: Maintain Rights. The Rights screen I displayed.
  8. Check the contents of the rights table to confirm that the rights are imported as expected.