Report viewer scripts

This table shows the specify properties that determine the appearance of the report:

Control properties For use with Values Description Examples
Destination RPT Browser (default)


Indicates the location for the Report output.

Browser displays the report in the browser.

Disk creates a new instance.

GroupTree RPT True (default)


Turns on or off the Group Tree. &GroupTree=false
Toolbar RPT True (default)


Turns on or off the Toolbar. &Toolbar=false
OutputType RPT
  • RPT
  • DOC
  • XLS
  • PDF
  • CSV
  • XLD
  • RPTR
  • XLSX
Selects output file type. &OutputType=doc
PageToTree Ratio

(For Crystal Reports XI R2. Not available for Crystal Reports 2008 and higher)

RPT 8 (default)


Specify a number to represent the ratio of the RPT Data Area to Group Tree Default.

If you specify 10, the data area size is increased to 10 times the size of the group tree.

GroupTreeWidth RPT <number> Specify number of pixels used to determine the group tree width. &GroupTreeWidth=100
GroupTreeWidth Percent RPT <number> Specify the percentage used to determine the group tree width. &GroupTreeWidthPercent=20
Page RPT <page_number>
  • First (default)
  • Last
  • Next
  • Previous
Specify a page number of the report. When you display the report, it opens to the page indicated. &Page=Last
Zoom RPT 40250

100 (default)

You can specify a value from 40 to 250 to indicate the zoom level percentage to apply to the report. &Zoom=110