History list URL and scripts

This table shows how to write a link to the History List form. See the script values and options table for information about writing a valid link.

Description For use with Format and example
Displays the history list for a report on a URL. URL /ersDocs.jsp?CMD=GETDOCACCESS&DOCID=docid&DISPLAYINSTANCES=TRUE&STYLESHEET=ersDocumentInstances.xsl&EFSSESSIONKEY=efssessionkey

The following example returns the history for Doc Id 7 for a given user based on that user's session key.

href=http://<servername>/ers/ersDocs.jsp?CMD=GETDOCACCESS&DOCID=7&DISPLAYINSTANCES=TRUE&STYLESHEET=ersDocumentInstances.xsl&EFSSESSIONKEY= DA0F1F365133103DD501A27D37154BF1

Displays the history list for a report on a Framework Services list. Framework Services dashboard and content module links The following example is an example of a History List link within Framework Services. When you use FSREMOTE, the EFSSESSIONKEY parameter is provided.


Script values and options

this table shows how to write a valid History List link:

Script Description Required Value
CMD This script is the request to execute what follows it. Yes GETDOCACCESS

Fetches instances for the specified Doc ID.

DOCID This script identifies the Doc ID of the published report. Yes
DISPLAYINSTANCES When this script is set to TRUE, it fetches the report's instance information. Yes TRUE

This value must be set to TRUE. Fetches a list of details on the report instances.

Stylesheet This script identifies the stylesheet name or an XSL that you want to use to transform the XML request result. Yes The default is ersDocumentInstances.xsl.
EFSSESSIONKEY This script is a valid session key for a given URL. It identifies the user accessing the URL. Yes (With Framework Services)