Modifying a report list

Note: Not all layout options are available for every report list type. For example, you cannot add filter options on the Favorites or History lists.
  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select My Reports. The Reports screen is displayed.
  2. Click the list, not the report, that you want to modify. The list name is displayed at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Edit List. The General Properties screen is displayed.
  4. Modify the list's general properties. See Creating a report list

    When you are finished, click Save or Save and Exit or proceed to the next steps.

  5. To modify the layout of the list:
    1. To modify the columns that appear on the report list, click the Column link to open the Columns screen.
    2. Select the columns that you want to show on the report list and add them. Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to adjust the position of the columns. Click Save.
      Note: The values that are displayed in the Columns Available field are the standard and custom report attributes.
    3. To sort the reports that appear on the report list, click the Sort By link to open the Sort screen.
    4. The columns that you selected in the Column screen are displayed in the Sort By Available field. Select the items that you want to sort by and add them. Use the Descending, Move Up, and Move Down buttons to adjust the sort order of the items.
    5. Click Save or Save and Exit.
  6. To modify the users of a report list:
    1. Click the Users link to open the Users and Roles Selector screen.
    2. Specify the users, roles, or groups that you want to access the list and add them. Note these:
      • Click the Show Filters link to access options that enable you to easily locate items in the Available Users and Roles field.
      • Roles are displayed in green, custom in purple.
      • You must have specific user rights to build a user group. To build a user group, select several users and click the Save as a Custom Group link. When you create a user group, it is saved, stored, and can be reused within Reporting Services.
      Note: The Users option is only available for custom lists.
    3. Click Save or Save and Exit.