Creating or maintaining a network drive device type

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select Server Administration > Email and Printer Settings. The Delivery Administration screen is displayed.
  3. Click Device Type Tools > Manage Device Types. The Device Types screen is displayed.
  4. If you are creating a new network drive device, click New Network Drive. The New Network Drive Device screen is displayed. If you are modifying an existing network drive, select the name of the network drive device that you want to edit. The Device screen is displayed.
  5. Specify this information:
    Specify the name of the device. For example, network drive.
    Optionally, specify a description for the device you are setting up. This description is only displayed in the device list.
    The default value is network drive. You cannot modify this field.
  6. Click Save.