Solution Packs

Importing and exporting a reports solution pack enables you to export published reports, their settings, and any relevant lists from one Reporting Services system and import them into another Reporting Services system. For example, you can create reports on a test server and use a solution pack to bundle and move the reports to a production server.

Importing and exporting reports saves time and effort because you can reuse published reports and their settings rather than recreating them. After a report is imported, you can edit, customize, and share it just like other locally created report. You can import and export all report types except Lawson Applications reports and URLs. The importing and exporting processes do not include the report's historical instances.

The solution pack export file consists of a set of XML documents which are stored in .zip format. During the export process, you name this .zip file, specify a description, specify the reports and lists that you want to export, create the .zip file, and download the .zip file to the server where you want to import the reports.

During the solution pack import process, you apply the reports to the new server, specify an owner for the imported reports, create any required data sources, and add any required variable values.