Example of a scripted URL

This example shows how you can remove administrative rights from a Reporting Services list link.

You can use the following URL arguments. The item number refers to the number in the screen illustration.

For all other rights, use:

  • True = blank or any value

  • False = 0/false

Below are URL examples that show items set to false, that is, the corresponding items would be excluded from the list screen.

For Infor styled: FSRemote?remtype=redirect &ACIONBAR=FALSE &HISTORY=FALSE &TITLEBAR=FALSE &stylesheet=ersReportsINFOR.xsl

For the Classic version: FSRemote?remtype=redirect &ACIONBAR=FALSE &HISTORY=FALSE &TITLEBAR=FALSE &stylesheet=ersReports.xsl

  1. &LISTBAR = true/false
  2. &TITLEBAR = true/false

    For &TITLEBAR:

    • True = blank/1/True

    • False = 0/false

  3. &ACTIONBAR = true/false
  4. &HISTORY = true/false
  5. &COLHEADER=true/false
  6. &COL= any number
  7. &UXFILTER=true/false
  8. &FOOTER=true/false