Publishing a burstable Lawson Applications report

Use this procedure to publish a Lawson Applications report that contains bursting tags. Before you can specify bursting options, you must publish the Lawson Applications report that you want to burst.

Publishing or bursting the Lawson Applications reports with Infor Lawson System Foundation 9.0.x requires that the necessary .xml and .prod files exist or are created. To insure that these files are generated, you must perform one of the following procedures.

  • Run the bldxffiles -CXAp program.
  • Configure the report options at the Lawson Environment and applications levels. Depending upon which reports you want to publish or burst, the RUNTIME_XML_ENABLE and RUNTIME_XML settings must be set to On. For more information about configuring these options, see the Lawson Administration: Jobs and Reports Administration Guide.
  1. Click the Administration link. The Reporting Services Administration screen is displayed.
  2. Click Publish New Report. The Publish Report screen is displayed.
  3. In Type of Report, select Lawson Back Office.
  4. Specify this information:
    Select the server upon which the Lawson Applications report resides. The drop down box contains all of the Lawson data sources that you set up in the system.
    Select the product line against which you want to run the report.
    Job User
    Select the name of the person who ran the Lawson Applications report that you are publishing. The drop-down box contains the names of all valid users for the product line that you specified.
    Job Name
    Select the report job. The drop-down box contains all available jobs associated with the user you specified.
    Select the report name, print file name. The drop-down box contains all available report names associated with the job name you specified.
    Specify a user-defined name for the report. This name is displayed in the My Reports screen.
    Optionally, specify a description for the report. This description is displayed in the My Reports screen.
  5. Click Publish.