Creating structures

A reporting structure defines the boundaries of the data gathered for a report. A reporting structure can be a collection of data elements but more usually it represents department, process, or similar company-designated data.

Once a reporting structure is defined, data elements used by that structure must be associated with it. To use the example of a General Ledger reporting structure, that structure would need to be associated with a company data element and an accounting unit data element for reporting purposes.

  1. Open the Tools dashboard and select Report Administration to open the Reporting Services Administration screen.
  2. Select Rights Management > New Structure to open the Structure Maintenance screen.
  3. Specify this information:

    Specify a name for the new reporting structure.


    Select Active.

  4. Click Add.
  5. To add an element to the structure, click New to open the Structure Maintenance dialog.
  6. Select an element. If the required element is not included in the list, select New Element.
  7. Specify an order for the new data element. The order value increments each time you add an element.
    Note: If several data elements are to associated with the structure, leave gaps between order numbers to allow for additional elements whose order may fall inside the order set. For example, you might use order numbers 10, 20, and 30 for the first three associated data elements.
  8. Click Add. The data element is displayed ordered in the structure's element list.
  9. To add other element to the structure, repeat steps 5 to 8 above.
  10. To add another structure, repeat steps 2 to 8 above.