Reporting right with more than one structure group

Any rights that have more than one group association to a structure require that the OLAP dimension’s attributes, mapped to the structure’s elements, have an OLAP Attribute relationship definition to each other. The attribute associated to the last element in the structure will have a relationship definition in the OLAP Model to the prior elements’ attribute.

For example, the structure Company has these element associations from top to bottom:

  • Company
  • Division


These elements are mapped respectively to Company, Level 1, Level 2 attributes in the OLAP organization dimension.

Any right associated to this structure that is using more than one value grouping will require that an attribute relationship be defined in the organization dimension that maps Level 1 and Company as attributes of Level 2.

The Lawson Role Migration tool requires this configuration to ensure that the proper security definition can be built within the scope of each grouping.