Accessing Infor Lawson Role Migration

Follow the steps to place Infor Lawson Role Migration on your system.

Infor Lawson Role Migration is part of the Infor Business Performance Warehouse installation. To obtain the files for Infor Lawson Role Migration, you first need to install Infor Business Performance Warehouse.

Infor recommends that the tool runs on the OLAP server or a client server that has Microsoft Analysis Services installed.

The program does not need to be in a specific location in order to run, but all the files must be in the same directory.

  1. After installing Infor Business Performance Warehouse, navigate to Drive:\Program Files\BPW\Service.
  2. Copy the following files to a new directory:
    • LawRightsRoles2008.exe
    • LawRightsRoles2012.exe
    • LRMLauncher.exe