Reports Server

Component Supported Version/Notes
Crystal Reports Server

See the Compatibility Matrix on Infor Support Portal for supported versions.

Download SAP Crystal Reports Server from Downloads on Infor Support Portal.

Note: If you update the Crystal Reports Server (for example: from RAS 2016 SP9 to RAS 2020 SP2), then you must upgrade or reinstall Reporting Services, depending on the Infor BI for Lawson release cycle.

This process ensures that the new jar files from RAS are copied into and utilized by Reporting Services.

Note: The Crystal Reports Server is required only if you are also installing Lawson Reporting Services.

Crystal Reports Server is not required to be installed on the same machine as the Infor BI for Lawson suite. If not installed on the same machine, then you must perform some pre and post installation steps.

See Set up and Configure Crystal Reports


For RAS 2016, Infor recommends that Crystal Reports Designer is also installed on the same server as the Crystal Reports Server.

For RAS 2020, Infor recommends to install Crystal Reports Designer 2020 on a separate server from the Crystal Reports Server. The Crystal Reports Designer 2020 does not work when installed on the same server as Crystal Reports Server.