Configure devices

  1. Make a copy of devicesCSV_Comma.csv. The default location for this file is:


    Note: This file should be saved with a UTF-8 encoding format without a BOM (byte order marker) if it is edited.
  2. Open the file in a spreadsheet program.
  3. In column 1, type the name of the device. For example: email.
    Note: You can specify information for one or more device types in this file.

    The name of the device is not the device type that exists in Reporting Services. You will specify that name in Column 4 of the CSV file.

  4. In column 2, type the user ID of the owner of the device. For example, if you are associating a user named Jane Smith with an email device, you would type Jane Smith into this field.

    If the device type is a printer, type SYSTEMMANAGER into this column, in uppercase.

  5. In column 3, type the address of the email device. For example,

    If the device type is a printer, type the network location of the printer.

  6. In column 4, type the name of the device type. This device type must already exist in the system. What you specify in this field maps the corresponding information to the device type.
    Note: This field is case-sensitive.
  7. Save the file.