Set the Portal server page domain

Use this procedure to set the page domain for the Portal Server.

  1. Go to the Portal Server > Lawson Portal website and browse for the servenv.js file.
  2. Back up or save the file with a new name. For example, copy servenv.js to servenv_backup.js.
  3. Edit the servenv.js file below the document root.
  4. Locate the var ENVDOMAIN variable and remove the/* and */ characters at the beginning of each section.
  5. Change the ENVDOMAIN value to the server domain value for your configuration.
  6. Locate the PORTALSERVER variable and change its value to the fully qualified path for the Lawson Portal server.
    Note: If the PORTALSERVER value is not present, you must create it beneath the ENVDOMAIN variable.
  7. Under the PORTALSERVER variable, add a variable called portalURL that includes the fully qualified value for the Lawson Portal installation.

    For example, var portalURL = "";

  8. Save the file.
  9. Stop and start the Portal application server.