Setting Memory Allocation

Use the procedures in this section to adjust settings in your web applications server for improved performance.

Review the heap sizes in WebSphere to see if they are appropriate for the server you are using. Follow the steps below to make changes to the Initial Heap Size and Maximum Heap Size properties.

  1. Log into the WebSphere Administrative Console.
  2. Navigate to Servers > Application Servers.
  3. Click the server associated with the Reporting Services installation.
  4. Under Server Infrastructure, click Java and Process Management.
  5. Click Process Definition.
  6. Under Additional Properties, click Java Virtual Machine.
  7. Adjust the Initial Heap Size and Maximum Heap Size properties (Megabytes of memory to allocate) for your server.
    Note: Allocate memory based on your system configuration and performance needs.
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Click Save and Save again.
  10. Restart the application server to apply your changes.