Configure the Infor Smart Office web services settings

Use the Smart Notification Installation Validator to configure the web services settings for Infor Smart Office Inbox support.

Note: When adding a new Infor Smart Office Inbox device, use the email device type with html format. For more information on adding devices and creating an InfoSet and alert for the Inbox, see the Smart Notification User and Administration Guide.
  1. Launch the Smart Notification Installation Validator from:

    http:// /lsn/admin/installvalidator.jsp

    For example:

  2. Navigate to step 26, Web Services Settings.
  3. Specify this information:
    Infor Smart Office Server Url:

    Specify the MangoChannelsManager web service URL:

    • For Lawson Web Services 9.0.2, use:


    • For Lawson Web Services 9.1.4 or higher without Grid, use:


    • For Lawson Web Services using Grid, use:


    Note: To determine your Lawson Web Services version, type <LWS_URL>/?version=version in the web browser.
    Messenger ID:

    Provide the Infor Smart Office user ID that sends the alerts.

    Messenger Password:

    Provide the password for the messenger ID.

  4. Click Submit to save the settings.
  5. Click Test the saved settings to send a test message to an Infor Smart Office Inbox.
  6. Provide the Inbox address for the test message.
    Note: The Inbox address is: INBOX@LSO:<user_ID>. For example:


  7. Click Test Inbox delivery.
  8. Review validation results and check the Infor Smart Office Inbox for delivered content.