Register Lawson IOS

After you register the IOS in Framework Services, add its Service ID (SID) number to the System Configuration Assistant.

  1. Log into the Framework Services application from a web browser.

    For example, http://<servername.mycompany:port>/efs

  2. Navigate to Tools > Register Application > Lawson IOS number.
  3. Provide the fully-qualified IOS server URL.

    For example, http://<servername.mycompany:port>

  4. Provide a System Name of your choosing.
  5. Click Register.
  6. Click Close.
  7. In Framework Services, navigate to Tools > Manage Services.
  8. Click the IOS Service.
  9. Note the value in the id field.
  10. Launch the Framework Services Configuration Assistant.


  11. Provide the Service ID in the Default IOS Service ID field under the Lawson Application Link Service section.

    For a single back office server, the Default IOS Service ID field is the recommended place to specify the Service ID.

    For multiple back office servers, you may be required to specify the Service IDs in the data source or with the individual published reports.

  12. Restart WebSphere.