Preparing for the Installation

Use the pre-installation checklist to prepare for the installation.

  1. Verify the WebSphere installation. If you have not already, create an application server for the Infor BI for Lawson installation.

    As a best practice, install WebSphere and the database on different servers or system performance may be degraded.

    For information on naming conventions for your WebSphere Application Server and profiles, see Installation values.

  2. Decide on the authentication type before installation.

    See the Framework Services User and Administration Guide, available from the Documentation page on Infor Support Portal.

  3. Verify the Crystal Reports Server installation and configuration. For more information, see Installing the Crystal Reports Server and Configuring the Crystal Reports server.
  4. Download the BUSINT-INSTALL-10-6-x-y-z-Faa-Rbb-Scc.exe file for the Infor BI for Lawson suite.

    Downloading instructions are available on Downloads on Infor Support Portal.


    The name of the file you download may differ from BUSINT-INSTALL-10-6-x-y-z-Faa-Rbb-Scc.exe if you are not using the full Infor BI for Lawson installer file.