Registering M3 applications and services

Use the procedures in this section to register M3 applications and services in Framework Services.

A service in Framework Services is the definition of a content provider or an Alias for the service. This eliminates manually coding server names in dashboard links and simplifies the creation of dashboard links. The Framework Services service types include:

  • Homepage

    A page that appears as a module on the Tools dashboard and groups together the links associated with an application.

  • Admin

    A page for administrators that appears for users in the admin group/role in the authentication engine, for example, LOGAN, LDAP.

  • Search

    A page that can return results of a search to Framework Services when adding a link to content. For Smart Notification, ProcessFlow, Reporting Services, Framework Services only.

  • Render

    A page that holds the portion of a URL that is common to all content from a specific server/port (most common type of service).