Associate Portal users to the Portal role

Use this procedure to associate Portal users to the role that you created in Create the Portal role for Infor Lawson System Foundation.

Note: You must individually associate each user that needs access to the role.
  1. Log on to the Lawson Security Administrator.
  2. Select User Management > User Maintenance.
  3. In the Name field, provide the user ID that you want to associate with the new role,
    Note: Use an asterisk (*) to return a list of all users.
  4. In the Query Results field, right-click the user to associate with the new role. Choose Edit RM Information.
  5. In the Change RM Object screen, locate the PortalRole attribute and type the name of the newly created role.xml file. For example, efsrole.xml.
  6. Select Edit > Change save the file.