Configure the WebSphere settings

Use the steps to add the Infor Smart Office web service server certificate to WebSphere's keystore.

  1. Download theInfor Smart Office web service server certificate and install it on the server where the Smart Notification application is installed.

    For example: C:\InforLawsonBI\SmartNotification

  2. In WebSphere, navigate to Security > SSL certificate and key management.
  3. In SSL certificate and key management, under Related Items, click Key stores and certificates.
  4. In the list of keystores, select one of these keytores:
    • NodeDefaultTrustStore

    • CellDefaultTrustStore

    Note: Ensure that the keystore you use is registered.
  5. In the TrustStore configuration, under Additional Properties, click Signer certificates.
  6. In Signer certificates, click Add.
  7. Specify this information:

    Provide an alias for the certificate.

    File name

    Specify the full path to the certificate file.

    Data type

    Accept the default selection.

    Click OK.

  8. Click Save to save the changes to the configuration.
  9. Restart WebSphere.